Mt. Donaldson

After listening to heavy rain all night and despite a gloomy weather forecast, with typical optimism my group and I set off to climb Mt. Donaldson (437m).  Our accommodation was at Corinna so it was a 10 minute drive to the start of the walk.  We turned left on to the Western Explorer Hwy. (a gravel road) and just over the Savage River bridge there is a car park on the right, then walk across the road to where the track commences.  We set off on a gradual climb through rain forest, soon this became mostly Myrtle forest with a leafy natural pathway which made for very comfortable walking.  The weather was reasonably kind with intermittent sunshine and misty rain.  We moved into woodlands and onto button grass slopes.  As we stopped to take a break we were able to admire the view of the winding Pieman River constantly present behind us.  the landscape almost appears more alpine as we climb higher, the path becoming wetter and more boggy but generally it is well drained with ditches on both sides of the stony track.  At this point the wind picked up and we were treated to pelting hail - an uncomfortable experience for those wearing shorts and absolutely no shelter in sight.  As we climbed further up the west slope, the hail was soon forgotten by the sight of the Southern Ocean dramatically unfolding on our horizon.  The view from the summit was amazing with 360 deg. views of the ocean to our west, the Norfolk ranges to the north, the Savage River mine in our foreground, east we could see as far as the Cradle Mountain National Park and snaking away to the south, the Pieman River (wow factor - 10 out of 10).  At a leisurely pace the return walk took us 4 hours with breaks, and regardless of weather which is always unpredictable on the west coast, is well worth the effort. I grade this walk as Moderate.


  • State: Lower Tarkine, West Coast Tasmania

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